Since 2003, TSG continues to play a critical role with solid skills in supporting safe operations of tankers and various other types of ships.

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Attendance of Safety Superintendent

Outline of Service

Once an appointment for a safety superintendent is received by e-mail/telephone, TSG selects the most proper superintendent from among the pool members considering transportation fees and their respective experience. The name of the superintendent and his profile are submitted to the client and his local agent. Then, TSG and the designated superintendent cooperate with each other to prepare for the attendance compiling ship's particulars, past records, cargo operations plan and other pertinent information.
Superintendents usually attend a ship from the ship's berthing, throughout the cargo operations and until the ship is safely unberthed. The Superintendent acts as a coordinator between the ship and a terminal, provides information to the ship about a terminal, conducts safety rounds and helps the ship perform efficient and safe operations.
If the Superintendent finds any deficiency or trouble regarding safe and/or efficient operations, he coordinates remedial action to be taken with the Master and crews.

In recent years, we have often been requested to attend coal discharging operations at coal terminals. TSG dispatches a superintendent who has extensive experience in coal discharging operations.

In addition, TSG Superintendents attend a ship-shore meeting on behalf of owners for LNG Carriers at LNG terminals.

Reporting & Corrective Action

As a customary practice, owners/operators are provided with a preliminary report followed by a comprehensive report upon completion of operations. However, in case of any unexpected situation, the information is immediately conveyed by phone by the attending Superintendent to TSG which will then make direct contact with the owner's representative. TSG and the Superintendent will then advise a corrective action upon discussion with the owner and a terminal, best suited to both parties in the given circumstances. TSG and Superintendent also assist with the liaison work with authorities, agents and P & I representatives.

With extensive experience in dealing with various problems encountered over the years, TSG Superintendents are in a better position to render necessary and timely assistance to reduce any delays and mitigate damages.

Post Operations Assistance

In the unfortunate event of a vessel being black listed due to some problems encountered during her past calls, TSG is in a sound position to help owners to resolve these matters amicably with receivers because of TSG’s long term association and excellent rapport with the industry. This enables such vessels to be acceptable for future business.

Procedure for Superintendent Appointment

In order to make an appointment for our safety superintendent, the name of the vessel, the scheduled port of call, type of cargo, estimated time of arrival and the appointed local agency is required to be provided to us through email or by telephone.
Based on this information, we closely liaise with a local agency, select the most proper superintendent from among the pool members, and then advise our customer of his brief profile. In addition, we request the local agency to make all necessary arrangements for his boarding.