Since 2003, TSG continues to play a critical role with solid skills in supporting safe operations of tankers and various other types of ships.

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International Navigational Audit (TMSA)

Outline of Service

TMSA: Tanker Management and Self-Assessment offers a standard framework for the assessment of a ship management company to encourage continuous improvement.
This is a self-assessment process and TSG can provide an internal navigational audit aboard a ship during a voyage between ports and assist a ship management company utilizing TSG’s original checklist and the customer’s own checklist/manuals based on their request. The main points of assessment are basic yet critical skills and know-how required for ship operations and Bridge Resource Management.

Shore-based and Onboard Training

Training Outline

The demands for upgrading the crew’s performance through training have been increasing. Upon request, TSG provides such training programs as tanker training to Philippine crews, cross-cultural awareness training for non-Japanese crews in order to avoid unnecessary trouble at any Japanese terminals, and onboard training for the improvement of operation performance.

TSG supervises Chemical and Product Tanker Simulator trainings at MAAP, Philippines, (MAAP: Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific) under the IMMAJ-PJMCC Training Foundation project.
TSG has also provided a Full Mission Chemical Tanker Simulator to KMU: Korean Maritime University at Busan, Korea.

Training for Chemical & Product Tanker at MAAP in Philippine

Chemical & Product Tanker Simulator in Korea Maritime and Ocean University


Outline of Other Services

We will endeavor to respond to various kinds of inquiries from our customers in good faith on technical matters related to tankers, terminal information, and other maritime inquiries.
We also provide small-scale maritime consulting and research services in addition to translation services for English and Chinese, especially for maritime-related manuals, guidelines and regulations.