Since 2003, TSG continues to play a critical role with solid skills in supporting safe operations of tankers and various other types of ships.

TSG - Tankers Superintendent Group Co., Ltd.

Tel: +81-3-3523-7055

9th Floor, Shintomi TT Bldg., 1-13-26 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Our Advantages

Experienced Masters & Officers

All of TSG's superintendents possess the knowledge and skills needed for cargo operations and have extensive experience as Master or Officer aboard large-scaled ocean going tankers and coal carriers as well as experience as Berth Master at tanker terminals. They are committed to conducting safe cargo operations by utilizing their know-how.

Independent Company

One of the advantages of TSG is that we are an independent company, not acting as a ship manager, operator or ship owner. This means that owners and ship managers can request safety superintendent and/or other services with confidence that all matters concerning their ship will remain confidential and not shared with competitors.

Superintendents all over Japan

The office is conveniently located in the heart of Tokyo with superintendents strategically placed in various locations across Japan. TSG can dispatch a Master who lives near a terminal thereby minimizing owner's expenses.

Accumulated Know-How

All occurrences, incidents and information from attendance are reported to the office and forwarded to next safety superintendent for the next port or for the next voyage when the ship returns to Japan. Technical know-how is accumulated at the office and conveyed to each superintendent when necessary prior to attending a ship.

Our Actual Attendance Records

Actual Attendance Records for Tankers, LPG Carriers, and as Berth Master:

More than 500 vessels / year

Type of Cargo Handled:

Crude Oil Tankers (VLCC, Heating Cargo)
Product Tankers (Naphtha, Gas Oil, Kerosene, Jet Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Methanol)
Chemical Tankers (Propylene, Styrene Monomer, Acetone, Alkylate, Butadiene, Alpha Olefin, MEK, Lubricant Oil, Asphalt)

Actual Attendance Records for Coal Carriers and as Berth Master for Bulk Carriers (Salt):

20 ? 30 vessels / year

Actual Attendance Records for LNG and as Berth Master for LNG Terminals:

More than 50 vessels / year

Tanker / LPG Ports Attended:

Akita, Aomori, Chiba, Hekinan, Iwakuni, Kakogawa, Kanokawa, Karatsu, Kashima, Kawasaki, Kiire, Kikuma, Kin-Nakagusuku, Kinoe, Kushiro, Matsuyama, Mizushima, Muroran, Nagoya (Chita), Nakagusuku, Namikata, Nanao, Niigata, Oita, Onahama, Osaka, Rumoi, Sakaide, Sakai-Senboku, Sendai, Shibushi, Shimizu, Shimotsu, Tokuyama, Tomakomai, Toyama, Ube, Wakayama, Yokkaichi, Yokohama

Map of Tanker / LPG Ports

LNG Terminals Attended:

Chita, Futtsu, Higashi-Ogishima, Himeji, Joetsu, Kawagoe, Mizushima, Niigata, Ogishima, Oita, Sakai, Senboku, Shimizu, Tobata, Yanai

Coal Terminals Attended:

Hachinohe, Haramachi, Hekinan, Hitachinaka, Kimitsu, Matsushima, Matsuura, Noshiro, Okinawa, Onahama, Reihoku, Sakata, Soma, Tachibana, Takehara, Ube, Yokohama

Other Terminals Attended:

Kinuura, Kurosaki, Nagoya, Niihama, Shimabara