Since 2003, TSG continues to play a critical role with solid skills in supporting safe operations of tankers and various other types of ships.

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Supporting Safe Cargo Operation of Tanker

In the rapidly changing and ever demanding commercial environment of the tanker trade, safe cargo operations and faster turn-around time in port are more crucial in meeting C/P requirements than it has been in the past. Once a vessel encounters a problem, the owner/operator/charterer may be subjected to heavy penalties or the vessel maybe rejected for its next scheduled call at the port or terminals of the cargo receiver in Japan.

In Japanese ports, cultural and language barriers between non-Japanese crew members and local receivers may sometimes cause unexpected misunderstandings and inconveniences.

Good understanding and cooperation between the ship and a terminal is important for safe and smooth tanker operation. In particular, for a tanker operated by non-Japanese seafarers, an experienced Japanese superintendent who can supervise safe and efficient cargo operations between the ship’s crew and the terminal is a necessity. The superintendent shall have adequate skills, knowledge and experience as a tanker-man in order to assist the ship’s crew on technical matters, especially in the supervision and coordination between the ship and the terminal.

In consideration the above situation, many major tanker terminals request owners/operators/charterers to appoint a Japanese Safety Superintendent for their vessels. This is also set forth in the Charter Party as the “Japan Clause”.

With this specific objective in mind, TSG Co., Ltd. is responding to this need by providing the effective outsourcing of superintendent services by way of employing experienced Japanese Masters to oversee the entire cargo operation on behalf of owners/charterers/receivers/traders upon request, thereby increasing their productivity and reducing operational costs.

Captain Toyoharu Katoh